Quesos El Pastor and Picos de Europa cheese factories join forces

Quesos El Pastor and Picos de Europa cheese factories join forces

The parallel trajectory of these two important cheese industries now has a meeting point in a new strategic alliance based on the high quality of their products and the empowerment of their distribution networks.

Quesos El Pastor and Quesos Picos de Europa join their paths to get the most out of traveling companions. A synergy that allows both companies to expand the range of products and improve their marketing. In this way, two companies with a long and successful history in the manufacture of cheeses join forces to continue adding value to the agrifood sector in Castilla y León.

This agreement carries a high strategic value for both companies as it allows them to add more references to their product portfolio and increase their presence in both the internal and international markets. In fact, they are the flag of the Tierra de Sabor brand and carry the name of Castilla y León throughout the world. Currently between Quesos El Pastor and Picos de Europa Cheese Shops export to more than 60 countries. According to the CEOs of both companies, Marco Rodríguez, from Quesos El Pastor and Tomás Alonso, from Quesos Picos de Europa, is a great opportunity to continue promoting traditional cheese and provide consumers with access to a product as unique as Blue Cheese.

Continuous investment, product diversification and opening to new markets are fundamental aspects of the evolution of Quesos El Pastor and Quesos Picos de Europa, which now go one step further with the participation of Quesos El Pastor in the shareholding of Quesería Picos de Europa. In addition, they strengthen the quality seals that certify their products. From one side, Quesos El Pastor provides the DO Zamorano Cheese figures and the Cheese Guarantee Mark castellano and on the other, Quesos Picos de Europa adds the IGP Queso de Valdeón.

Living history of cheese in Zamora and León
Quesos El Pastor and Picos de Europa Cheese Shops have been making cheeses in the provinces of Zamora and León for more than 50 years. Two family companies that now walk hand in hand to strengthen their business trajectory. Two companies that have invested heavily in their land and with investment projects to improve their production lines and create jobs in their areas of influence.

Two references in the world of cheese
Quesos El Pastor and Quesos Picos de Europa make up a key business network in their areas of influence, generating employment, enriching and revitalizing the rural environment of Zamora and León. Quesos El Pastor manufactures sheep cheeses protected by the DO Qamorano Cheese and the Cheese Guarantee Mark Castellano, blended and pressed goat cheeses. It also makes lactic fermentation cheeses such as goat, mixed, sheep and cow logs in different formats. Queserías Picos de Europa manufactures blue cheese under the PGI Queso Valdeón and will begin to make blue sheep and cow cheese.


International awards and recognitions


  • Food Award from Spain 2015 to Food Internationalization
  • Global Cheese Awards: 4 medals in 2017 (2 golds)
  • World Cheese Awards: 6 medullas in 2016 (1 Super Gold)
  • Cincho Cheese Awards: Cincho de Oro 2016 (Old Sheep Cheese El Pastor)


  • First place in the XXXIII International Blue Cheese Competition (2017)
  • World Cheese Awards: Silver 2015 and 2016
  • World Cheese Awards: Gold in 2014
  • Nantwich Awards: Best Cheese of Spain 2011


The alliance in numbers
Estimate for 2017 of the sum of both companies:

  • Turnover: 91 million euros
  • Workers: 320 employees



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