Quesos El Pastor triumphs at the World Cheese Awards with five medals

World Cheese 2017

One silver and four bronze medals, distinctions from this prestigious event that guarantee the quality of the products marketed by Quesos El Pastor.

World Cheese Awards, the benchmark competition for the cheese sector on an international scale, rewards one more year the wide portfolio of products from Quesos El Pastor. A varied assortment that has in these distinctions the best support to the trajectory of this family cheese factory based in Santa Cristina de la Polvorosa (Zamora).

In this 2017-18 edition, there are five references marketed by Quesos El Pastor who have obtained an award. In the category 'Blue Cheese with PGI / PDO', the Valdeón Blue Cheese it has been raised with a silver medal. A product of recent distribution and that due to its uniqueness has a great reception in the international market. Another star product, the Cured Sheep Cheese El Pastor, has obtained a bronze medal in the category 'Pure sheep's milk hard cheese'. This cheese, protected by the Tierra de Sabor y Queso quality seals Castellano, has had multiple international recognitions, which add to this new award.

In the category 'Pure semi-hard goat's milk cheese', the Goat delicacies El Pastor has been awarded the bronze medal. An award that undoubtedly recognizes the strategy of Quesos el Pastor for diversifying its products and offering the consumer a wide selection of specialties. This determined bet, endorsed by the success in the cheese logs market, also has its reward in the form of a bronze medal for log of Sheep Cheese El Pastor in the category 'Pure soft sheep's milk cheese'.

Finally, and in the category of 'Semi-cured Manchego Cheese' the Semi-cured Manchego cheese Castillo de Bayren He has also been recognized with a bronze medal. A cheese very liked by the European market and which also has a long list of awards on its label.

World Cheese Awards
The family company The Guild of Fine Food It is in charge of organizing, year after year, this macro world cheese tasting. A total of 3.001 samples from around the world compete in that event, valued by a tasting committee of 250 professionals of different nationalities through the blind tasting system.


Other international awards and recognitions

  • Food Award from Spain 2015 to Food Internationalization
  • Global Cheese Awards: 4 medals in 2017 (2 golds)
  • World Cheese Awards: 6 medals in 2016 (1 Super Gold)
  • Cincho Cheese Awards: Cincho de Oro 2016 (Old Sheep Cheese El Pastor)



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