Picos de Europa cheese factory, Food Award of Spain for the best blue cheese

Picos de Europa Cheese Factory - Awards

Quesos El Pastor shares with its Leonese partner this new recognition for the quality of its products.

The strategic alliance of Quesos El Pastor and Queserías Picos de Europa adds a new reason for celebration. After the numerous awards reaped by the company of Santa Cristina de la Polvorosa (Zamora) in the last edition of the World Cheese Awards, now it is the turn of his partner from Posada de Valdeón (León), who has received the Food Award of Spain for the best cheese matured with mold or blue cheese.

Leticia Alonso, manager of the Leonese company, collected the distinction from Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Promoted by MAPA, these awards began in 1987 and have been convened annually, establishing themselves as one of the most successful instruments for promoting and supporting the agri-food sector. In fact, Quesos El Pastor it also received the Food of Spain Award in 2015, in this case in the “internationalization” category.

The thirty years of solid history confirm that the Food Awards of Spain have become a benchmark not only for the companies that apply for the awards, but for the entire Spanish agri-food sector, as they are the pioneers in underlining the recognitions and institutionally supporting the Spanish products.

Picos de Europa cheese factory

Quesos El Pastor and Picos de Europa cheese factories join forces

Since 2017 this synergy allows both companies to expand the range of products and improve their marketing. In this way, two companies with a long and successful history in the manufacture of cheeses are committed to continuing to generate value for the agrifood sector in Castilla y León. They form a key business network in their areas of influence, generating employment, enriching and revitalizing the rural environment of Zamora and León. Quesos El Pastor manufactures sheep cheeses protected by the DO Qamorano Cheese and the Cheese Guarantee Mark Castellano, blended and pressed goat cheeses. It also makes lactic fermentation cheeses such as goat, mixed, sheep and cow logs in different formats. Queserías Picos de Europa manufactures blue cheese protected by the Valdeón Cheese PGI.



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