cheese pearls of flavors, fusion of tradition and innovation


Quesos El Pastor launches four new references of cheese pearls with raspberry, mango, honey and orange.

Quesos El Pastor expands its product portfolio with the commercialization of cheese pearls. This unique presentation, the perfect example of the fusion of tradition and innovation, is available in four flavors to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates. With a weight of 125 grams, the 'easy-open' trays are made up of 15 units (pearls).

The exemplary trajectory of the company, with more than 50 years of experience, and the strong conviction for innovation, result in this extraordinary cheese with four varieties of product. Raspberry, mango, honey and orange are the options that go even deeper into the variety of references of Quesos El Pastor. The raspberry, mango and orange pearls are filled with an appetizing jam. In honey, the honey used is of Spanish origin, it is part of the blended and is fully integrated into the pearl.

Top quality raw materials, always with milk of national origin, are combined with natural ingredients that provide a smooth and creamy texture, delicious to add value to a multitude of dishes. This new culinary gem is adapted to both professional use and the taste of the individual consumer, since they give a special and differentiating touch to salads, appetizers, side dishes and a long etcetera.


A great product portfolio

With the slogan "a world full of flavors" Quesos El Pastor is at the forefront in the production of quality cheese with an extensive family of products, which ranges from the most traditional pressed pasta cheeses, through logs, blue cheese and multiple specialties. This diversification is possible thanks to the important technological development, at which point the Zamora company has recently invested in the expansion and modernization of its facilities.


Quesos El Pastor

This humble family dairy has become a benchmark in the production of cheese, both for its extensive catalog and for its volume of production. To meet the needs of the market, the company's productive capacity has been doubled with investments that allow it to maintain an important labor and social fabric in rural areas. Today, Quesos El Pastor It exports to 75 countries in the world, produces more than 15 million kilos a year and generates a volume of business that exceeds 104 million euros.






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