Quesos El Pastor will double its production in 2018

Juan Vicente Herrera visits Quesos El Pastor

The improvement of equipment and processes in the Santa Cristina de la Polvorosa will involve an investment of 11 million euros

Juan Vicente Herrera, President of the Junta de Castilla y León, has visited the facilities of Quesos El Pastor to show their support and commitment to the growth project of the company from Zamora, an outstanding leader within the province of Zamora, the first province producing sheep milk cheeses in the Community with 44% of the total.

The event has served to highlight the business value of Quesos El Pastor, a family project with fifty years of work that plans to double its production throughout 2018 thanks to continued investments in the improvement and expansion of facilities (11 million euros of investment between 2017 and 2018 demonstrate this).

Juan Vicente Herrera took advantage of the appointment to announce the financial support of the Junta de Castilla y León for this project, with a contribution of 750.000 euros that will serve to improve production processes and convert Quesos El Pastor in a reference in national and international markets.

Juan Vicente Herrera visits Quesos El Pastor

Quesos El Pastor It currently invoices 90 million euros, exports to 60 countries and maintains 320 direct jobs that will be increased in several dozen jobs at the conclusion of its industrial development plans throughout 2018, a tireless effort to improve that has turned the zamorana company into one of the leaders in the sector at the national level.

The President highlighted the economic importance of the sheep sector within Castilla y León, with an annual turnover of around 1.500 million euros and more than 4.000 people employed. It has expressed its commitment to the internationalization of companies in the sector, a business that already moves more than 110 million euros thanks, among other reasons, to the quality of its products. Quesos El Pastor and to the quality and guarantee seals such as Zamorano Cheese, Cheese castellano and Tierra de Sabor that encourage the opening of new markets.

Juan Vicente Herrera visits Quesos El Pastor



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