Quesos El Pastor of La Polvorosa at Alimentaria 2014

Quesos El Pastor - Alimentaria 2014


Tradition and avant-garde come together once again at Alimentaria 2014 by the hand of Quesos El Pastor of the dusty. Children of Salvador Rodríguez.

From March 31 to April 3, 2014, Alimentaria opens its doors in Barcelona. Quesos El Pastor As in its previous 15 editions, it inevitably attends the 2014 International Food Fair.

Alimentaria 2014 - Show-cooking with Pedro Mario and Quesos El PastorOn this occasion, it has a live Show-cooking, where attendees can enjoy 5 dishes made with different varieties such as goat log, cured and semi-cured sheep cheese, to end up becoming, live and from the hand of chef Pedro Mario, in bites as unprecedented as, Creamy truffle rice and DO cured cheese El Pastor or a Sheep log cream cheese Quesos El Pastor with anchovy caviar and olive grated.

Once again Quesos el Pastor It is committed to being at the forefront not only in the manufacture of new products and diversification in references, but also in the investigation of its culinary applications and their dissemination.

The stand will be located at:

Gran Vía venue
4 Pavilion
0 level
C90 booth

Fira de Barcelona.
Av. John Charles I, 64
08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)

Quesos El Pastor - Alimentaria 2014

Quesos El Pastor - Alimentaria 2014