The packaging of Quesos El Pastor, with less plastic and more sustainable

The Zamora cheese factory sells new references with more environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable packaging.

Quesos El Pastor he goes one step further in his strong belief in sustainability and innovation. As a result of this double commitment to respect the environment and technological development, the cheese factory launches new references on the market that use 70% less plastic. Furthermore, these containers are fully recyclable, thus contributing to caring for the planet.

Thus, Quesos El Pastor It integrates a high quality of product (internationally awarded cheeses and backed by quality figures) with modern packaging that responds to consumer demands and distribution needs. The cheese factory launches a project that replaces traditional plastic containers (and which today still uses its competition) for others made with more environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable materials.

From now on, the trays where the cheese slices are served El Pastor They will have 82% less plastic, when other materials such as cardboard for food use are used in their manufacture. In addition, the product separators (interleaver), previously made of plastic, will now be made of paper. However, it can be guaranteed that the containers with the badge -70% They reduce the use of plastic by that amount and they are 100% recyclable.

These first two measures will include new developments that will deepen the sustainability and innovation strategy of the Zamora company. With the slogan "a world full of flavors" Quesos El Pastor is at the forefront in the production of quality cheese with an extensive family of products, which ranges from the most traditional pressed pasta cheeses, through logs, blue cheese and multiple specialties.


At the forefront of the sector

Quesos El Pastor Thus, it is positioned at the forefront of the sector, where the latest consumer trends prioritize sustainability and penalize practices that are not respectful of the environment. According to the Shopperview study by the association of manufacturers and distributors Aecoc, almost half of consumers (44%) discard products from those brands that they do not consider sustainable. In addition, this same consumer rewards that the packaging uses the minimum amount of materials. The client penalizes, above all, excess plastic and more if it cannot be recycled.


Quesos El Pastor

This humble family dairy has become a benchmark in the production of quality cheese. Your facilities Santa Cristina de la Polvorosa (Zamora) have been recently expanded and modernized with significant investments to double their production, highly diversified to meet market needs. Today, Quesos El Pastor It exports to 75 countries in the world, produces more than 15 million kilos a year and generates a volume of business that exceeds 100 million euros.






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