CHEESE blended shredded MIX EL PASTOR BAG 400 GR

Milk: Mixture

Maturation: Semi-mature

Format: shredded thread


Matured blended cheese (70% min.) MILK pasteurized cow, sheep and goat, Matured sheep cheese (5% min.) MILK pasteurized sheep, Ripened goat cheese (5% min.) MILK pasteurized goat, salt, LACTIC FERMENTS, sequestering agent: calcium chloride, coagulant and anti-caking agent (potato starch)

Product shelf life

90 days from the date of packaging

Organoleptic characteristics

  • Inner color: White
  • Odor: Characteristic of mixing cheese
  • Taste: Lactic flavors, with aromas of fresh milk
  • Texture: Creamy on the palate