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En Quesos El Pastor We have started a project that aims to replace plastic packaging with others made from more environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable materials.

Our first step has been to work on the packaging of cheese slices in which we have:

  • Replaced the 100% plastic tray with one with 82% less plastic and 100% recyclable
  • Replace plastic slice dividers with paper dividers.

These two measures, which will not be the last, allow us to offer our clients a container for this product with 70% less plastic.

It is a demand from society and from our clients.

According to the study recently published by AECOC Shopperview, 44% of customers penalize brands they do not consider sustainable. 60% of consumers consult the labels and reward that the packaging uses the minimum materials, penalizing excess plastic and more if it cannot be recycled.

Fresh Sheep Slices - ECO Container

Fresh Goat Slices - ECO Container

Tender blended slices - ECO container

Semi-cured blended slices - ECO packaging

Fresh Spicy Blended Slices - ECO Container

Fresco Light blended slices - ECO container