Nuts of goat cheese and milk chocolate, sorbet of goat yogurt, ginger, biscuit, honey caviar and flowers

Quesos El Pastor - Goat cheese nuts and milk chocolate, goat yogurt sorbet, ginger, biscuit, honey caviar and flowers

Servings: 10 servings

For walnuts:
Cream cheese200 grams.
Goat delicacies EL PASTOR90 grams.
Nata290 grams.
Milk chocolate180 grams.
Walnut paste30 grams.
Honey30 grams.
Gelatin7 grams.

For the goat yogurt sorbet:

Goat yogurt700 grams.
Milk300 grams.
Sugar120 grams.
Liquid glucose130 grams.
Invert sugar60 grams.
sorbet for you
4 grams.

For the honey caviar:

Apple vinager100 grams.
Honey50 grams.
In order to be2,4 grams.
Vegetable oil 250 grams.


Ginger cookie400 grams.
Rose petals10 uds


For walnuts:

  • Put the cream cheese, the peeled and chunk cheese and the cream in a food processor.
  • Program at 70oC medium speed.
  • Hydrate the gelatin in ice water.
  • Melt the milk chocolate.
  • Add the walnut paste and honey to the cream.
  • Drain and add the gelatin to the cream.
  • Pour the chocolate little by little emulsifying the blended and without temperature.
  • Pour into the molds.
  • Freeze and unmold.
  • Reserve in freezer.

For the goat yogurt sorbet:

  • Temper the milk.
  • Add the liquid glucose, the invert sugar and dilute.
  • Heat the milk to 60ºC and add the stabilizer mixed with the sugar.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Cool and mature for 4 hours on camera.
  • Add the yogurt.
  • Freeze.

For the honey caviar:

  • Mix the vinegar with the honey and the agar.
  • Bring to a boil and allow to warm slightly.
  • Prepare an inverted water bath with water and ice.
  • Introduce and a deep tray with the vegetable oil so that it is very cold.
  • Fill a bottle with a mouthpiece as thin as possible and gradually drop drops of vinegar with honey on the cold oil.
  • Drain the resulting caviar and reserve in the cold.

Packaging and service:

Support:Rectangular white marble plate.
Quantities:2 pcs of False walnut.
60 g of yogurt sorbet.
10 grams of honey caviar.
30 g crushed gingerbread cookie
1 pc of Rose petal.
Methodology:Thaw the walnuts the night before in the chamber.
Swirl the ice cream in the straw ice cream maker.
Spread the crushed cookie on the bottom of the plate. Place the nuts and the sorbet quenelles. Sprinkle the honey caviar and decorate with a few strips of rose petals.

Published by: El Ermitaño Restaurant

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