Brief History

Quesos El Pastor It was born in 1967 as a humble family cheese factory. Today, 50 years later, it is a clear benchmark in the production of quality cheese. The company, founded in 1967 by the brothers Lorenzo, Salvador and Domingo, is currently managed by Marco Rodríguez, the second generation of the family. Years ago, the grandfather Salvador Rodríguez, whose name accompanies the company's name, had already taken some steps in the cheese world.

The tireless work of the entire team of Quesos El Pastor It has been recognized by numerous accolades and awards. In this way, the tenacity and effort of each and every person who is part of this great family is valued.

This great team pampers the quality of the products and puts them on the market in the most appropriate way. Every detail of the process is taken care of, in order to satisfy the needs of the consumer.



A new pressed pasta factory (28.000 m2) is inaugurated.


New production plant for the elaboration of "cheese roll" (lactic fermentation).


IQF (frozen) technology is implemented.


Production and marketing of Blue Cheese.


Expansion of the facilities (more than 15.000 m2) to double the production capacity of the cheese factory.


In 1998, its new pressed pasta cheese production plant was inaugurated. Later, in 2014, the dairy fermentation cheese plant (cheese roll) comes into operation. Currently, the company continues to expand and modernize its facilities to adapt to an increasingly demanding and global market.

Artisanal production supported by cutting-edge technology, which allows us healthier formulations.

Food certifications. Quesos El Pastor is a food company certified by the international quality standards in food IFS FOOD and BRC FOOD.

IGP, DOP and guarantee marks guarantee the origin and quality of our cheeses.

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In the world

Quesos El Pastor It knows no borders and its cheeses are present in more than 75 countries. As a sample of his work as an ambassador of the Spain Brand around the world, in 2015 he received the Food of Spain Award for Food Internationalization. Its products, of recognized prestige in the international market, are marketed in countries such as the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Mexico, Russia, Dubai and South Africa, among others.

Social action

Integration of people with disabilities in the company's production processes.